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Returns/Warranty Replacement Management

Client Need

As a major consumer electronics retailer our clients have been continuously challenged by high consumer return rates, OEM return caps and excessive warranty replacement claims. The client was in need to improve their average wholesale recovery from their current return of 15-20% on the dollar.
Our Solution

ANEW received the retailer's defective Non-OEM returnable and warranty replacement electronics products on a daily basis. ANEW would refurbish all CE/ PC products with a current retail value greater then $99. The measures of success were simple from the beginning; increase the percentage of recovery dollars for all defective wholesale goods.

  • Within 30-days, ANEW was able to increase the retailers return to 47% on the dollar.
  • The retailer was able to reduce monthly payroll for managing this program by over $35,000.
  • The on-going return varies from 42-58% based on product mix in a given month.
  • The program has helped the retailers' warranty reserve improve by millions of dollars from the recovery dollars related to these assets.

Fortune 100 Asset Management

Seller Need

A leading US PC and CE manufacturer with more than $50 billion in annual revenues was looking for an asset management solution. The Fortune 100 Company had to contend with manual sales activities, inaccurate asset inventory counts, quality control issues, and arranging pick-up and delivery schedules with offices nationally. These issues became more challenging as the client had scarce resources to dedicate to managing their corporate assets.
Our Solution

ANEW developed a robust, fully-scalable national program to dispose of the client's expired assets and refurbish current technology for redeployment to corporate and home offices. Assets are received daily and can be redeployed with-in 72-hours nationwide. The client's human resources and I.T. departments are now able to focus on its core responsibilities and leverage ANEW as the single point of contact to manage all of its asset and employee deployment/ management needs.

  • In the past year, ANEW has refurbished or recovered valuable dollars for over 100,000 assets.
  • ANEW is now the ongoing HR and I.T asset management partner with the client, successfully managing the large-scale logistics processes required for successful redeployment and wholesale from coast to coast.
  • ANEW has also demonstrated its ongoing ability to lot, market and sell large volumes of assets in multiple marketplaces to maximize the recovery value of surplus assets in amazingly short timeframes.
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Inbound Testing (NTF's)
  • Installation Errors
  • Software Issues
  • Mechanical/Electronic Failures
  • Return Compliance
  • Beta testing
  • Software, Hardware

  • Failure Analysis
  • Identify recurring problems/
  • Isolate failure modality
  • Propose solutions
  • Returns Analysis
  • QV (quick verify or screen)
  • Thorough testing to specifications
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